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For sure you've already seen that the players of the real estate sector (and especially the construction industry) are coming and going – but Opus's tax number has been unchanged for four decades.

The stability of our company group is guaranteed by two aspects: striving for the perfect end result and the satisfaction of our customers. As a result, Opus could have developed from a modest economic partnership of several families into one of the fastest growing facility management and construction companies in Hungary with over 200 employees.

Be it office suites, business premises, or fit-out construction of complete retail networks, construction of industrial facilities or greenfield investments requiring tunrkey construction, the Opus team keeps things under control and delivers everything on time – without cost increases. In Latin, magnum opus means “great work” or “masterpiece”. The term was originally used for work that a craftsman apprentice had to carry out to be included in the guild. If the work was successful, he was admitted in the guild as a master.

We are proud that in the last four decades Opus was chosen to be among the best in every field, and our work has made the everydays easier, more convenient and safer for the hundreds of our partners and the tens of thousands of our clients and colleagues.

MSZ EN ISO 14001
MSZ EN ISO 27001
MSZ EN ISO 50001
MSZ ISO 45001
AQAP 2120
Where opus can help you:
Opus hard facility management
Opus soft facility management
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    • Full-scale building custodianship
    • Operation and maintenance of building monitoring and engineering systems
    • Conducting regulatory and standard compliance tests
    • Operation and maintenance of high-voltage and low-voltage systems
    • Energy management, uninterruptible power supply, green energy
    • 0-24 hour PPM express service
    • Insect and rodent control
    • Horticulture service

    • Daily cleaning, overall cleaning, on-call cleaning
    • Automotive, technological cleaning
    • Dry ice cleaning, special area cleaning (Alpine technology)
    • Cleaning of outlying areas, snow removal
    • Waste management
    • Manned protection of objects and persons
    • Event security services, provision of patrol services
    • Operation of electronic protection system, parcel inspection
    • Reception activity, 0-24 hour reception service
    • Guarding of premises, agricultural areas


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Address: 1139 Budapest, Váci út 99.  
Phone: +36 1 383 4651
Fax: +36 1 363 6838
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